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Art and Cultural Clubs

Below will show all the promotion materials that are collected from the ACC societies.
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University Philharmonic Orchestra, HKUSTSU

[Caprice No.1 – Game Day!]


It’s time to have fun and make GUESSES 😼! This is the day when guessing can earn you a fortune. (Mysterious prizes are waiting for you ~ ) What are we gonna play? Come flex your drawing skills at skribbl.io, and laugh together at funny drawings! Come make a good guess on tricky pictures of different instruments and songs! 😆


Date: 6 February 2021 (Sat)

Time: 14:00 – 17:00

Venue: Online (Zoom)


Should you have any enquiries on the event, you are welcomed to contact Jason at 52283958 or Adrian at 68099046.


Stay tuned🎶, and hope to have fun with you all! 🤩

Comics and Animation Society HKUSTSU

– Date & Time
   Every Saturday and Sunday 5pm~7pm/9pm~11pm
– Link (The link of your online Pro P counter)
– Information of Contact Person

Law Kwan Hon   [email protected]

Drama Society, HKUSTSU



Contact person:Yung Choi Lam Virginia
Itsc: clvyung

phone no: 51127798