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Promotion Period 2021 - Independent Clubs Association and Independent Clubs

Below will show all the promotion materials that are collected from the ICA societies.
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the nominated cabinet of Rotaract Club of HKUST, HKUSTSU, Session 2021-2022

Date: 31/1-20/2

Time: Whole day

Zoom link for Online Pro P Counter: https://hkust.zoom.us/my/hkustsurotaract

Contact Person (Tel No. & ITSC): Victor Fung (9226 1309 & ycfungaf)/

William Wu (9442 3406 & mcwuab)

IG account: rachkust_spero

Promotion Content:

大家好!我哋係2021-2022年度香港科技大學學生會扶輪青年服務團第廿三屆幹事會—SPERPO💙 SPERO係拉丁文嘅意思係希望咁解🤪2020年係艱難嘅一年,2021我地大家仲要慢慢剋服💪🏿就好似黎明之前嘅BLUE HOUR一樣🕡我哋大家仍然要保持希望,好好迎接美好嘅一年🌄同時我哋希望扶青大家庭嘅大家可以從我哋四大範疇嘅活動學識堅強同保持樂觀積極嘅態度✨保持希望嘅同時成為其他人嘅希望💡


而係嚟緊3個星期期間我哋會有Online Promotion Period, 每個星期一至五嘅下晝2點到5點喺zoom 都會有Online Counter由我哋莊員解答大家對我哋嘅問題🖥每個星期喺Instagram仲會有大抽獎同IGTV睇下我哋搞鬼嘅13位莊員📺星期五晚仲會有Instagram LIVE 同大家一齊”Happy Friday Night“🌌

咁精彩嘅活動邊只咁少呀,我哋仲會有Instagram Challenge等緊你嚟贏走我哋嘅紀念品🥳🤤想知更多就記得follow 我地嘅Instagram啦!




Greetings from the Rotaract Club of HKUST! We are the executive committee members of the Rotaract Club,Session 2021-2022, SPERO💙 SPERO as in hope in Latin🤪 2020 was a tough year and in 2021, we are still going through it slowly💪🏿As the BLUE HOUR before dawn🕡we still need to have hopes and welcome a new year🌄At the same time we hope that everyone in Rotaract can learn to be strong and be positive✨And while having hope in ourselves, we can be the hope of others💡


And from now on, we will have our online promotion period for 3 weeks, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday, we will have our online counter on zoom to answer your questions🖥Moreover, on Instagram, we will have a lucky draw and IGTV to check our 13 funny executive committee members every week📺And every Friday night, we will have an instagram Live and have “Happy Friday Night” with all of you.

And the exciting activities will not stop here, we will have our Instagram Challenge waiting for you to win our souvenirs🥳🤤Follow our Instagram account and stay tuned!


(Secretly telling you that we will introduce our executive committee members from tomorrow on🙊Remember to follow us to get the newest update from us💫)

People’s Campus Radio, HKUSTSU

-Date & Time:

1.Instagram post for nominated cabinet’s introduction: 1/2-6/2 (no specific time)

2. Bingo challenge: 1/2-18/2 (no specific time)

3. Promotional broadcasting: 3/2, 8/2, 10/2, 16/2, 18/2  (Time:9:30pm-10:15pm)


4. Lucky draw: 1/2-18/2 (no specific time)



1. https://www.instagram.com/raven_pcr/

2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFqw_9eB5MDAosT6OpPBCA (YouTube link) (For the promotional broadcasting purpose only)

-Information of contact person:

Our Nominated President, LAI, Ching Yee (SID: 20769858) will be the person in charge of the promotion period. If you require any further information, please contact her at 5407 4266 or via [email protected].

-Promotional materials:

A. Promotion content

1. Social Media Promotion: There will be an Instagram bingo challenge, Promotional video of each nominated executive. committee and Instagram posts.

2. Promotional Broadcasting: Five live streams on YouTube will be held in total, including “mystery boxes”, “quiz competition”, “emotional issues”, ” tourist spots and taboos” and “music cultures”.

3.Promotion on Campus: Two games are included, one is “Emergency Password” and the other is “Voice Challenge” and be held weekly. (Actual dates will depend on the conclusion agreed by each nominated cabinet)



Date&Time: Feb 3rd & 5th 4:30pm & 6:30pm
Zoom Link: https://hkust.zoom.us/j/92888728182?pwd=WC9jZkMwK0pVNVJXWGVaTmNoRnNGQT09

Info of contact person: 珮旻 62877186

Promotion material/poster is attached above.

Should there be any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact 珮旻 62877186.

Games Society HKUSTSU

Inforamtion about promotion:

Date: 2/1-2/19


Detrails: online counter

The Nominated Cabinet of Student Astronomy Club 2021-2022

Date & Time: 5/2, 18:00-20:00
Zoom Room ID: 339 113 8485
Name of Contact Person: DU, Xiaopeng
Contact Number: 65885681
Contact E-mail: [email protected]