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Independent Clubs Association

Below are the promotion materials collected from the IPO societies.

Christian Choir
Christian Fellowship
Game Society
People’s Campus Radio
Rotaract Club of HKUST
Student Astronomy Club
Student Social Service Society
University YMCA (HKUST)

(More details are shown below the photos.)

Christian Choir

各位freshman BB大家好🙋🏻‍♀️ 仲有唔夠一個月就開sem啦😱 相信大家都對自己嘅大學生活有好多憧憬🔥 同時又有d緊張😖 相信大家都想係大學識下新朋友,搵到一個好firm嘅群體去享受大學生活啦🥰如果你係基督徒,又鍾意唱歌嘅話,咁詩班絕對係唔可以錯過嘅選擇😍 嚟緊嘅oday就正正可以比你感受下喺科大詩班嘅生活。精彩活動包括信仰探討,唱詩同campus tour等等,想參與音樂侍奉或者體驗詩班嘅你記得報名參加啦👊🏻




IG: hkustsu_christianchoir

Are you Christian? Do you like singing? If your answers are ‘yes’ to both questions, then you should join us in Christian Choir and sing with us the coming academic year! We will be singing both classical and modern hymns in Cantonese and English. We hope to see you in our upcoming Oday!

Date: 8月23日

Time: 09:30-18:30

Venue: HKUST campus

Christian Fellowship

(ICA) Christian Fellowship

Hello 各位freshman 大家好!我哋係科大團契~一班基督徒一齊聚集,一齊生活、掙扎、同行,好想同你哋一齊喺信仰上成長,所以快啲報名參加我哋嘅迎新活動啦!

Game Society

(ICA) Games

首先恭喜咁多位fm bb入到科大🥳🥳入到U嘅第一件事肯定係玩O Camp啦😎!而家我哋招緊組仔女,對boardgames有興趣嘅你絕對唔可以放過呢個大好機會😝透過呢個O Camp,大家可以識到嚟自唔同School嘅人,又可以玩到好多刺激有趣嘅遊戲♟就咁聽都覺得好吸引啦🤤


💡Date日期:15/8 – 16/8

💻Venue 地點:HKUST


喺8月15號嗰日我哋會玩UST Hunt (科大定向),俾各位加深對科大嘅了解🤩務求令fm bb們唔會喺開學嘅時候蕩失路🤓

想報名參加就scan poster上面嘅QR code啦🥰希望可以喺嗰日見到大家❣同埋記得follow返我哋IG @hkust_gamesoc

Welcome to HKUST! We are going to have our summer orientation camp on 15th August to 16th August, we will have tons of activities for our members and also freshmen! Feel free to join us and fill in the form in our ig profile @hkust_gamesoc. See you! 

IG: hkust_gamessoc

People's Campus Radio

(ICA) Campus Radio

大家好!我哋係科大校園人民廣播電台,歡迎大家加入UST呢個大家庭~如果想認識電台同UST,就要快啲參加我哋喺8月14號搞嘅OCamp啦!詳情可以喺 @pcr_hkustsu 搵到!

Hello! We are executive committee members of People’s Campus Radio, HKUSTSU. You are cordially invited to join our orientation day on 14 August. To learn more, please follow @pcr_hkustsu!

IG: @pcr_hkustsu

Rotaract Club of HKUST

(ICA) Rotaract Club

Wanna meet new friends from UST and other Uni?😚 Wanna travel overseas and join voluntary works?🛫🤩 Don’t hesitate!😉 Come and join us, SPERO🐳, THE ROTARACT CLUB OF HKUST!!!!!🥳💙

IG: rachkust_spero

Student Astronomy Club

(ICA) Astronomy

It will be an activity where participants could witness a sky full of stars and participate in exhilarating games like Campus Hunt and numbers of mass games.

IG: hkustsu_astronomy

Student Social Service Society



Wanna meet some warm friends of different genders and backgrounds? Wanna do something more than just UST (University of Stress and Tension)? Try us at our Orientation Camp!

IG: ssss_hkustsu

University YMCA (HKUST)

(ICA) Uni-Y

YMCA嚟緊會有一系列迎新活動同義工服務,歡迎大家去我地ig @uniy.hkust 了解更多!