House Association

The UG House One Students’ Association, HKUSTSU

(HA) House One





今年有番House One Ocamp喇!🖤


有真火Campfire、Party Night等最熱血function😤






就快啲join我哋House One Ocamp啦!

VERTEX, House II Students’ Association, HKUSTSU

(HA) Hall II Vertex


Hey Yo Freshmen


DSE is such a daunting task but all of you have triumphed over this uphill battle. It is high time we enjoyed our blistering summer by joining O’Camp held by VERTEX EX-COs scheduled 28 Aug to 30 Aug. Face-to-Face, overnight and involving water games!! Grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet your soulmates in UST❤️❤️

Don’t hesitate and register now via VERTEX’s IG. We are looking forward to seeing you in the O’Camp🤟🤟Stay Tuned!!

IG: houseii_vertex

Glacier, HOUSE III Students’ Association, HKUSTSU

(HA) Hall III Glaicer

❄️❄️❄️Fun, Flashy, Fabulous Ocamp with Glacier❄️❄️❄️

Planning how to start your dream U life, or just wishing to have an astonishing summer? WHY NOT BOTH? Join the Glacier Ocamp to satisfy all your dreams and desires with one take. Glacier’s Ocamp is certainly one of the largest and most exciting Ocamp in HKUST. Hundreds of participants will be gathered to enjoy and share moments of one of their lifetimes, playing Water Battles, Campfire, Party Night, Mass Games, etc. Nobody would regret their decision, only if they are not a part in this fantasy. So why are you still hesitating? Join our Ocamp and start your new journey in HKUST!!!

IG: @glacier.houseiii

Vista, House IV Students’ Association, HKUSTSU

(HA) House IV Vista

又嚟到O’ Camp period啦,大家入到嚟科大唔知玩咩好🤔有冇聽過大學5件事呢🤤想唔想體驗吓住hall嘅感覺🤗玩得好high嘅感覺🥳想就記得join我哋嶄越嘅O’ Camp啦!

Endeavour, House V Students’ Association, HKUSTSU

(HA) House V Endeavour

卓毅🌟會有Oday 同Ocamp 營新活動🤤,咁多位初臨科大嘅Freshmen 可以過嚟學下點樣做一個真正嘅卓毅人!Follow 我哋IG @housev_endeavour 啦!