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Departmental Societies (Science & Interdisciplinary Programs Office)

Below are the promotion materials collected from the DEPT societies from Science and IPO.

Biochemistry and Biotechnology Students’ Society (BICH)
Biology and Biotechnology Students’ Society (BIO)
Chemistry Students’ Society (CHEM)
Environmental Management and Techonology Students’ Society (EVMTSS)
International Research Enrichment Students’ Society (IRESS)

(More details are shown below the photos.)

Biochemistry and Biotechnology Students' Society (BICH)


各位同學大家好啊!我哋係科大生物化學系學生會呀!如果大家想認識更多科大嘅嘢同識新朋友,就記住要參加我哋嘅活動喇,各位freshmen一定要join我哋嘅ocamp同埋oday喇!我哋出名最warm最firm最多人仲要男女比例1:1添呀想知更多我哋嘅嘢?咁就要留意住我哋嘅social media喇!

Greetings fellows! We are the Biochemistry Students’ Society of HKUST! To the one who wants to meet new friends and get to know more about HKUST, we are excited to offer you our orientation activities! Join our exciting, hot-blooded(passionate) orientation camp and orientation day to get some fun!! Don’t forget to follow our social media to get up-to-date info! See you guys there~

IG: biochem_iridophore2021

Biology and Biotechnology Students' Society (BIO)

(DS) Biology and Biotechnology

“想要warm爆嘅組爸媽🥰, 想好好享受u life🥳,就記得黎挽Bio soc💙!”

IG: hkust_biosoc

“Biology and biotechnology students’ society not only possess numerous exciting activities but also have many obliging group facilitators to help you integrate into a new environment and enjoy your university life.” .

Chemistry Students' Society (CHEM)



We sincerely invite elites in HKUST, especially the ones interested in Chemistry, to join hands with us in participating our functions to provide a splash of colour to your University life

IG: hkustsu_chemsoc

Environmental Management and Techonology Students' Society (EVMTSS)


Welcome to HKUST!!! 唔知freshmen bb們期唔期待認識新一年嘅同學同參觀一下我地全港第二大既校園呢?如果係嘅話,宜家有個好好既機會啦! 嚟緊就係我地EVMTSS嘅O-Day啦!如何你想認識一下新嘅朋友, 同感受青春既氣氛,不妨花2分鐘係下面填番你嘅資料,甘就可以㗎啦!

Wanting to know more about the campus and interested in making new friends? Then join the EVMTSS O-Day with no hesitation. We will offer you a memorable journey to start your university life! 

IG: evmtss.hkustsu

International Research Enrichment Students' Society (IRESS)


ODay: 14/8 11:00-16:00

OCamp: 23-25/8


IG: iress_irenovatus