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O'Camp 2021 Promotion - Departmental Societies (Engineering & Business)

Below are the promotion materials that are collected from the DEPT societies from Engineering and Business school.

Business School
Accounting Students’ Society (ACCT)
Economics Students’ Society (ECON)
Finance Students’ Society (FINA)
Management Students’ Association (MSA)
Marketing Students’ Society (MKSS)

Engineering School
Civil & Enivironmental Engineering Students’ Society (Civil)
Computer Science & Engineering Students’ Society (CSESS)

(More details are shown below the photos.)

Accounting Students' Society (ACCT)

(DS) Acct

Congrats to all freshmen who have just made it into UST! Do you want to meet new friends or enjoy your last few weeks of summer before the demanding semester begins? Then don’t miss out on our O camp! Grab this precious chance to join and be part of Acct Soc!

Economics Students' Society (ECON)


想識一班Firm 足四年嘅Omate?❤️ 

想有一班又Warm又Chur 嘅組爸媽?🍹 🏖️ 

就唔好錯過Econ Ocamp 啦!🏕️ 

黎 @econ_hkustsu 報名啦!

Finance Students’ Society (FINA)


💥一年一度嘅 FINA Orientation Series 又嚟啦💥

啱啱上到大學冇人陪、冇嘢玩、想喺大學識到一班好朋友留低難忘回憶? 😫咁就記得報FINA O’CAMP,加入FINA呢個大家庭喇!😝🏠💙

IG: @fina_hkustsu


🗓Date: 19/8

🕐Time: 14:00 – 19:00


Management Students’ Association (MSA)


We have prepared a series of activities offering freshmen precious opportunities to meet like-minded peers, enabling better adaptation to the unfamiliar surroundings. Such experiences also grant them meaningful insights towards the new journey lying ahead.

IG; hkustsu_msa

Marketing Students’ Society (MKSS)


Welcome to the family of HKUST 💜 We know it has been a tough time💜 Stepping into a new phase of your life, we hope you could have fun here 😚💜

IG: hkustsu.mkss

Civil & Enivironmental Engineering Students' Society (CEESS)

Hellooooo👹!入到U 緊係要玩Civil!玩Civil 就最醒目👻👻👻!Civil O Camp 最多人最好玩就唔洗講啦😜😜,不過今年唔止多人,仲要多鬼添🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️~

Welcome to UST fellows 👻👻👻👻! Come and join our Civil Orientation Camp🥳🥳🥳. There might be something unexpected waiting for you🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️!

Computer Science & Engineering Students' Society (CSESS)


“歡迎大家加入UST 呢個大家庭🥳,相信大家初初嚟到可能都對呢個地方好陌生,人生路不熟😢。

而CSESS 為大家準備咗一連三日嘅Odays。喺Odays 入面,你可以識到一班熟悉UST 嘅組爸媽,同埋一班志同道合嘅朋友仔👬🏻👭🏻。

如果你想報名,可以Scan Poster QR code,或者去以下呢條link https://forms.gle/t2eeuNC57ETcxpUS6 到報名。

如果你哋對呢個Odays 有任何問題,可以跟住poster 入面嘅contact 搵我哋,或者喺Instagram (@csess.hkustsu) dm 我哋啦🙌🏻!

Welcome, dear students, to your new family at HKUST! 🥳 You might be confused about a lot of things since it’s a new stage of your life 😢 well fear not!

CSESS has prepared a lot of fun and exciting events in the Orientation Days, during which you can meet fellow freshmen just like yourself and senior students who will give you great advice about your university life👬🏻👭🏻.

If you would like to sign up, you can scan the QR code above or use the following link: https://forms.gle/t2eeuNC57ETcxpUS6

For any inquiries, feel free to find us @csess.hkustsu on Instagram or contact us through the information provided on the poster 🙌🏻“

IG: @csess.hkustsu

The Electronic and Computer Engineering Students’ Society (ECE)

Welcome to UST!! We will hold a O-Day on 20th August, 2021 (Friday). We have prepared diversity of games for freshman like Campus hunt, different mass games and more and more. It is a great chance for meeting other freshmen and seniors. Keeping an eye on our O-Day.
IG: hkustsu_ecess29