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Art and Cultural Clubs

Below are the promotion materials collected from the ACC societies.

Band Society (凝音)
Chinese Orchestra (科大中樂)
Comics and Animation Society (漫Soc)
Drama Society (劇社)
Film Society (電影)
University Philharmonic Orchestra (管弦)

(More details are shown below the photos.)

Band Society (凝音)

O'Camp 2021 ACC Band

各位Freshman 你地好🤗你地想唔想體驗開show嗰陣high 爆全場嘅熱血🧐想唔想體驗謳歌校園嗰份青春🤘咁你就一定要參加科大凝音社喇🤩仲唔快啲去follow 我地嘅ig page !有精彩嘅Ocamp等緊你!

Hello! Are you interested in band culture? Or are you looking for someone to form your dream band? Joining The Band Society can definitely give you miracle experiences. Don’t miss the chance and don’t forget to join our orientation event! Hope to see you in the future!

IG: hkustsu_bandsoc

Chinese Orchestra (科大中樂)

(ACC) Chinese Orchestra

您好啊!我哋係二零二一至二零二二年度科大學生會中樂團😚想喺考慮入嚟我哋中樂團之前認識下我哋先?又或者想喺開學前識下朋友?🤩無論你有無中樂經驗,我哋都歡迎你嚟參加我哋8月19號嘅迎新日!😘聽講會有啲輕鬆ice-breaking games、campus tour同埋有exco表演睇添喎!😎我哋好想認識你😜!!快啲嚟報名啦😘

詳情麻煩參照我哋IG或者Poster上嘅報名表格網址QR Code

Hi! We are Chinese Orchestra, HKUSTSU, Session 2021-22.Do you want to know more about us before joining us? Or would you like to make some friends before the start of university life? We welcome you to our Orientation Day held on 19 August, no matter if you have any Chinese music experience. We will have fun ice-breaking games, campus tour and even exco concert! We would really like to know more about you! Come on and enroll!

Please refer to our Instagram or QR code link found on the poster for more details.

IG: corch_hkustsu

Comics and Animation Society (漫Soc)



Welcome to UST! If you want to meet friends who like anime also or want to get acquainted with the campus of UST, remember to participate in our Oday! Lots of gifts and prizes are waiting for you!

IG: @hkustsucas

Drama Society (劇社)

(ACC) Drama

連串互動遊戲及Detective game,8月16日劇社O day 等緊你。

作為劇社,一班戲精般嘅莊員會扮演Dective game 角色,再由各位推理案情經過。究竟好戲嘅莊員會唔會逃過大家法眼?聰明嘅新生,你哋一定要將兇手緝拿歸案!

更多詳情稍後於劇社IG 公佈

IG: hkustsudrama

Film Society (電影)


Hey guys, Film society welcomes you to attend our upcoming event—Orientation Day, which will be organised on 20th August from 9:30am. Don’t miss this golden choice to know more about our college. We’re waiting for ya at UST atrium!

University Philharmonic Orchestra (管弦)

(ACC) University Philharmonic Orchestra



The University Philharmonic Orchestra, HKUSTSU is an orchestra composed of members from all walks of life, be it students, professors, exchange students, or even guest musicians! Formerly known as the HKUSTSU Wind Ensemble, it was merged with the String Team to form the Orchestra in 2005🎺


Whether you have recently gotten into classical music, or have been playing instruments your entire life, come join our orientation day on the 21st of August😆 We will be playing ice-breaking games and there will be a performance by exco 🎶 Hope to see you there🙈

IG: upo_hkustsu